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Unleashing the Beast: A Retrospective on Kreator’s ‘Pleasure to Kill’

Kreator’s “Pleasure to Kill” released on November 1, 1986, is the band’s second studio album. It is widely considered to be one of the most influential and classic albums in the thrash metal genre. Kreator cemented their status as one of the main bands in the emerging German thrash metal scene with this release. Leaving an unforgettable impression on the global metal community.

Album Concept and Themes:

The gloomy and powerful atmosphere of “Pleasure to Kill” reflects the film’s thematic focus on violence, death, and destruction. The lyrics of the album delve into the darkest elements of humanity. Including issues such as war, serial murderers, and psychological suffering. The title tune, “Pleasure to Kill” and tracks like “Ripping Corpse” and “Carrion” highlight the band’s obsession with morbidity and brutality.

Musical Style:

Musically, “Pleasure to Kill” is a never-ending barrage of fast riffs, heavy drumming, and Mille Petrozza’s nasty and guttural screams. Petrozza and Michael Wulf (who was credited as Michael “Sodom” Wulf during his tenure with Kreator). Contribute sophisticated guitar work to the album’s sound. The rhythm section, which includes bassist Rob Fioretti and drummer Jürgen “Ventor” Reil, offers a solid basis for the band’s fierce sound.

Impact and Legacy:

“Pleasure to Kill” was published at a period when thrash metal was gaining popularity throughout the world, and it helped to propel the genre forward. The album earned critical praise and helped Kreator’s audience spread outside Germany, establishing them as a global metal band.

The album’s impact is still noticeable in modern thrash metal, with numerous bands mentioning “Pleasure to Kill”. As a key source of inspiration. Its harsh and uncompromising approach to thrash metal established a standard for the genre and cemented Kreator’s place as a forefather of extreme metal.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Pleasure to Kill” – The album’s devastating opener, “Pleasure to Kill,” sets the tone for the relentless ferocity that follows.
  2. “Ripping Corpse” – This song boasts fast-paced riffing and demonstrates the band’s technical abilities.
  3. “Carrion” – A crowd favourite in Kreator’s live events, this highlight song boasts catchy melodies and forceful vocal delivery.
  4. “Under the Guillotine” – An intense and gripping song, generally recognised as one of the band’s masterpieces.


“Pleasure to Kill” is a timeless masterpiece and a watershed moment in Kreator’s career. It epitomises the aggression and violence of thrash metal, making it a must-listen for every metal fan. “Pleasure to Kill” continues to captivate listeners and influence future generations of thrash metal bands with its aggressive sound and thought-provoking topics. Establishing its place as one of the genre’s best albums.