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Revealing Heavy Metal’s Hidden Gems: Rare & Unreleased Tracks

As metalheads, we frequently find ourselves headbanging to the legendary anthems of our favourite bands. But what about the rare and unreleased recordings buried in metal’s archives? In this blog post, we’ll go on an exciting adventure to discover some lesser-known classics from metal’s biggest names, showcasing a side of these renowned bands that many may be unaware with.

1. Metallica – “The Mechanix”

Before “The Four Horsemen” became a staple of Metallica‘s debut album “Kill ‘Em All” it was known as “The Mechanix”. Written as a demo featuring Dave Mustaine on lead vocals during the band’s early days, the music later evolved into “The Four Horsemen” with new lyrics. Metallica fans will rejoice at the opportunity to witness this rare insight inside the band’s early creative process.

2. Iron Maiden – “Reach Out”

Iron Maiden, the forefathers of British heavy metal, surprised fans with “Reach Out”. This previously unreleased song from the “Somewhere in Time” sessions has the band’s trademark galloping guitars and soaring vocals. “Reach Out” captures the listener’s attention with its vigour and demonstrates that even their B-sides are worthy of metal glory.

3. Black Sabbath – “The Rebel”

“The Rebel” is a long-lost Black Sabbath tune from the “Born Again” era, featuring Ian Gillan on vocals. Due to the problems the band had throughout the recording process, this treasure did not make it into the CD. The song’s addictive beat and spooky atmosphere, though, make it a must-listen for every Black Sabbath fan.

4. Judas Priest – “Red, White & Blue”

The unreleased track “Red, White & Blue” by Judas Priest was initially meant for the “Defenders of the Faith” album but did not make the final edit. For years, the song was kept concealed until it was included in a special remastered edition of the record. “Red, White & Blue” is a hidden treasure with its traditional Priest sound and strong vocals by Rob Halford.

5. Megadeth – “New World Order”

“New World Order” was supposed to be on Megadeth’s “Countdown to Extinction” album, but it was replaced at the last minute for “Psychotron”. Fortunately, fans may still enjoy the adrenaline-pumping excitement of “New World Order” via live performances and bootlegs. This previously unreleased tune serves as a reminder of Megadeth‘s ability at creating tremendous thrash metal songs.

6. Slayer – “Aggressive Perfector”

“Aggressive Perfector” by Slayer was an early tune that first featured on a Metal Blade Records collection in 1983. The song was eventually re-recorded for the “Reign in Blood” album. “Aggressive Perfector” captures Slayer’s early raw ferocity and foreshadows the band’s persistent attack on the metal world.

7. Pantera – “The Will to Survive”

“The Will to Survive” is a hidden gem from Pantera’s “Vulgar Display of Power” sessions. This ferocious tune highlights Dimebag Darrell’s outstanding guitar talents and demonstrates why Pantera was a force to be reckoned with in the 1990s metal scene.

We find a new side of metal’s biggest stars as we unearth these rare and unreleased tunes, one that may surprise us with its rawness, originality, and undiluted enthusiasm. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and prepare to embark on a voyage through metal’s subterranean vaults, where unique riches await those who listen. After all, even the best bands have a treasure mine of undiscovered treasures.