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Powerslave VS The Number Of The Beast


Powerslave is remarkable for being the band’s first album with the same lineup as their last studio release. This lineup would be used for two more studio releases. It is also their final album to have an instrumental piece, as well as the only one until Senjutsu (2021) on which longstanding member and guitarist Dave Murray does not get a composition credit.

As singles, “2 Minutes to Midnight” and “Aces High” were released.

The Number Of The Beast

The Number of the Beast was a critical and financial triumph for the band, becoming their first album to top the UK Albums Chart and chart in the top 40 of the US Billboard 200. The album spawned the songs “Run to the Hills” and “The Number of the Beast,” the latter of which became the band’s first UK top-ten hit. The album was extremely divisive, notably in the United States, due to religious undertones in the artwork and lyrics of the title tune.

Powerslave VS The Number Of The Beast

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