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Icons of Mayhem: The 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Mascots in History

In the world of heavy metal, album covers often play a crucial role in shaping a band’s identity. Some bands take it a step further by introducing iconic mascots that become as recognizable as the music itself. Here are the 10 best heavy metal mascots of all time:

Eddie (Iron Maiden):

Eddie is perhaps the most famous heavy metal mascot. Created by artist Derek Riggs, Eddie adorns nearly every Iron Maiden album cover and has appeared in various forms, from a mummy to a cyborg.

Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth):

Vic is Megadeth’s skeletal mascot, symbolizing the consequences of war and chaos. He’s often portrayed wearing a suit and blindfold, representing humanity’s blind destruction.

Snaggletooth (Motörhead):

Snaggletooth, or War-Pig, is Motörhead’s mascot. Created by Joe Petagno, it’s a fierce boar skull with spikes, symbolizing the band’s raw and aggressive sound.

Maggot (GWAR):

GWAR is known for its over-the-top theatrics, and Maggot is one of their many grotesque, alien mascots. These characters are central to the band’s elaborate stage shows.

Mummy (Cannibal Corpse):

Cannibal Corpse’s mummy mascot is a nod to their gory and horror-themed lyrics. It often appears on their album covers in various gruesome forms.

King Diamond‘s Grandma:

King Diamond’s elderly woman character, often called Grandma, features prominently in his albums and live shows. She’s a recurring figure in his horror-themed concept albums.

Erebus and Terror (Amon Amarth):

These Viking warriors, inspired by Norse mythology, are Amon Amarth’s mascots. They embody the band’s Viking-themed death metal.

The Guy (Disturbed):

Disturbed’s mascot, often referred to simply as “The Guy” is a sinister, demonic figure that represents the band’s aggressive and dark sound.

Not Man (Anthrax):

Not Man, also known as the “Not” man, is Anthrax’s mascot. It’s a peculiar character, part man and part alien, which perfectly captures the band’s mix of humor and aggression.

Snagglepus (S.O.D.):

Snagglepus, not to be confused with Snaggletooth from Motörhead, is the mascot for the crossover thrash band Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.). The character is a monstrous, grinning skull.

These mascots have become integral parts of their respective bands’ identities, representing the music, themes, and personalities of the groups. They’re not just icons; they’re symbols of the heavy metal genre itself.