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Alice Cooper’s Spooky Music Video: “Dead Don’t Dance”

Alice Cooper, the renowned shock rocker with a five-decade career, has rocked the music world once more with the official music video for “Dead Don’t Dance”. This movie, created by Lichtschloss Filmproduktion’s imaginative director Marius Voigt, delivers a mesmerising backstage access to the iconic musician and his band as they hit the road. “Dead Don’t Dance” is a standout tune from Cooper’s current album, “Road”, which was released on August 25 on earMUSIC.

A Backstage Odyssey:

In an age when music videos have become an art form in its own right, “Dead Don’t Dance” provides a distinct and intimate perspective on life outside of the stage. It’s a rare and close look at one of music history’s most mysterious individuals.


Marius Voigt’s Visual Wizardry:

Marius Voigt, the visionary behind this video effort, deserves praise for his expert direction. Voigt, known for his cinematic narrative, has masterfully caught the essence of Alice Cooper’s undeniable magnetism as well as the intriguing world of touring. Through his lens, he adds a new layer of depth and texture to the visual portrayal of “Dead Don’t Dance”. Imbuing the song with a fresh and dynamic vision.

Exploring ‘Road’:

“Dead Don’t Dance” exemplifies Cooper’s timeless creativity. It’s one of the highlight tracks on his current earMUSIC CD, “Road”. This CD exemplifies Cooper’s ongoing relevance and creativity. The album is an amazing addition to Cooper’s huge catalogue, demonstrating once again that he is a master of both the stage and the studio.

Alice Cooper’s Musical Evolution:

The capacity of Alice Cooper to adapt and reinvent himself throughout the years is obvious in “Road”. Cooper is well-known for his dramatic performances and magnetic stage presence, but “Road” shows a different side of him. The emphasis on his travelling band and their collaborative songwriting highlights their chemistry and musicianship.


The release of Alice Cooper’s “Dead Don’t Dance” music video adds another chapter to the ongoing narrative of rock ‘n’ roll’s most mysterious showman. This film gives fans an intimate glimpse into the guy behind the makeup and theatrics. Allowing them to interact with the living icon on a deeper level. Cooper’s influence in the world of rock music is as strong as ever as he continues to push the boundaries of his craft.